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Top Gifts for the Fitness Lover in Your Life

Here is a list of all of the gifts I have purchased for myself for the gym

1. Lululemon Everyday Belt Bag -

The perfect over the shoulder bag for a girl who doesn't need much and is always on the go.

I carry my keys, phone and a resistance band in mine!


2. Resistance Bands -

I recommend these material bands. They don't roll up when squatting or hip thrusting. I have been using these resistance bands for 2 years! They are very well made and come in an assortment of colors.


3. Protein Powder -

Raw Organic protein powder is my favorite.


4. Headphones -

I received my AirPod pros as a college graduation gift. They are noise canceling and are very comfortable in your ears.


5. Workout Monitor -

I use my Apple Watch to monitor my heart rate and make sure I'm in the window to burn the most calories.

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